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Customer Acquisition Pipeline

Driving leads and customer acquisitions through influencer marketing


The online broking industry in India has matured with a lot of players vying for the same retail investor. The category is a knowledge-driven one which meant that word-of-mouth and credible conversations were very important to get more users and grow market share. 

The Challenge:

The online broking space has been split wide open with the phenomenal success of new players like Zerodha. Angel broking wanted to leverage the bull market sentiment to drive customer acquisitions for their online broking business. The key challenge was to find a sustainable and effective channel that could drive highly efficient signups on their online platform.

The Approach:

We always knew that the broking category is an information and knowledge driven one. Retail investors look for an expert and peer advice while getting into the equity trading business which needs a lot of know-how. So in a sense, "Word-of-mouth" or influencers was the perfect channel to drive acquisitions. We used our AI-driven platform to find the best influencers in terms of engagement within the financial and investment category.

The Solution:

Brand message to be delivered through 100 influencers serving content across different topics covering the whole portfolio of Angel Broking. These topics were delivered through review videos (Macro Influencers) and comparison videos (Micro Influencers) across YouTube. We also deployed a similar strategy on Tik-Tok to acquire young audiences who were looking to start their online trading career. Some of the top-performing influencers were Vineesh Rohini and 365Tamil during this campaign.


Total Views Achieved: 200,000+
Total Leads Generated: 5,000+

Lead Conversion Rate (before) : <10%
Lead Conversion Rate (after) : 28%

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