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Amazon marketing services deliver a ROAS of 24

Driving Ecommerce for an upcoming consumer electronics brand on Amazon.


Resonate RouterUPS operated in a category dominated by players like APC. The RouterUPS product was unique in the sense that it was portable and quick to set up, ready to disrupt the market. At the same time, the Wifi backup category was a niche, and audiences needed to be made aware that there was such a product available in the market which made the large and bulky UPS redundant.

The Challenge:

The category of routers ad UPS is very cluttered on a marketplace like Amazon with both leading brands and local players. Also, the unique nature of our product deemed it into a new and unknown category of "backup for routers". This meant that we had to educate our audiences about the product and the value it added to their lives. The key challenge was to be relevant in the categories of routers and UPS without spending too much while building awareness of the new category and product.

The Approach:

Our Amazon marketing services team approach was first to understand the way consumers were searching for the two categories of router and UPS. We used that data and intelligence to form the core structure of our campaign which aimed to achieve 2 things. One was to be in front of the consumers who were in the market to buy routers and UPS and the second was to create awareness of RouterUPS as a product bringing more consumers to the new category.

The Solution:

Our Amazon marketing services team started with an auto-campaign to understand what the consumers were searching for to find the products around routers and UPS. The initial data went into our AI tool that analyzed the data points to arrive at the top-performing keywords that potentially would drive the bulk of sales during the campaign. Lower-performing keywords that did not give us conversions were put in a negative pool to save costs and raise the efficiency of our campaign.

We also ran an upper funnel product display campaign targeting prominent router brands positioning our product as the ultimate "Wifi Companion". This brought more buyers into our niche category and increased the overall volume of our sales.


Within a month's time of running the campaign, our Amazon marketing services team had stabilized the overall ACOS (Advertising cost of sales) to 0.76%. At the same time, we increased the sales volume 4X compared to the previous months.

Campaign Highlights:

Sales - +200%

ACOS - 0.76%

Keywords - 26

Ad Units - 3

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