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Post Roundup - March 2021

Here is this month's roundup of posts that you might have missed....

Vitamin tablet brand Berocca launches "actionable audio ads".

Gig workers gather their own data to check delivery algorithm math

The age of the ear is here!

Ikea converts its massive catalog into a podcast.

What is data poisoning? Alias a device intended to neutralize smart speakers.

How Discord tripled its revenue last year?

Roblox is creating a metaverse and it is now worth $42 Billion.

Future of human-computer interaction (HCI) - A computing experience where human is in the absolute center of the experience.

Why your first-party data is critical to your brand advertising in the near future?

Deepfake gets into advertising for the first time - Lays Messi Campaign

Stay tuned for more!

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