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SMB Marketing DIY tools

Youtube has launched a new tool aimed at small businesses that need a simple, low-cost way to create videos, but may not have the creative experience or technical know-how required to do so. The YouTube Video Builder, as the new tool is simply called, has been in testing with a small group of customers for months but has been rushed to launch more publicly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, where in-person video shoots are no longer an option, and many small businesses are strapped for cash. Using the tool is fairly straightforward.

The beta version of Video Builder can animate a business’s static assets — including images, text and photos — which can be set to music from YouTube’s free audio library. Users can also select from a variety of layouts based on their messages and goals, says YouTube, and then customize their colors and fonts quickly to generate either a six-second or 15-second video.

The tool is now one of many DIY solutions on the market for businesses looking to create their own video ads. We posted about Vimeo in February when they released an app that helps small businesses create professional social videos. Last year, Facetune maker Lightricks launched a full suite of apps for small businesses to use for their social media marketing campaigns. In the case of YouTube’s Video Builder, the advantage is that the tool produces videos that are optimized for YouTube viewers and integrated with the Google Ads program.

The new tool is now one of several services for businesses that YouTube has launched in recent months, following last May’s debut of Bumper Machine, a fast way to adapt existing videos into short six-second clips using machine learning. YouTube Video Builder is free to access, after signing up here

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