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Why Tik-Tok should be a part of your growth strategy?

As they passed 2 billion downloads TikTok broke the record for downloads in one quarter - 315m in Q1. Only Facebook apps have more downloads - Google apps have bigger numbers but come pre-installed on many devices.

Their product features keep coming and signal future priorities. If you are a brand looking to drive growth and engagement with your audiences then you should definitely have a deeper look at the following features.

Small gestures lets users send gifts to other users- choosing from a selection of brands that will have paid well to be involved and benefit from this customer acquisition tactic.

Donation stickers let creators add a button to their video that lets users make a donation to a range of good causes, curated by TikTok.

They have all the elements needed to roll out a commerce offering. Buy the clothes the influencer is wearing? Levis have been piloting commerce with TikTok and claim success.

Or music playing? Rolling Stone looks at how TikTok is influencing music sales and how the industry is trying to keep up.

The tools for making content are getting easier to find and to use. TikTok parent Bytedance has made its highly successful Chinese video making tool Viamaker available in 4 languages - including English.

There will be enough and more opportunities that will be coming up for brands to latch on and drive engagement and growth. What will be your strategy to leverage these?

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