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Influencer Marketing

Creating Credible Conversations

Influencers are trusted individuals who have the power to engage consumers and motivate their purchase decisions because of their real (or perceived) authority, expertise and elevated social status. In essence, influencer marketing is the modern and scalable version of word of mouth, realized through the increasingly predominant use of social media in so many consumer lives. Discover why tapping into the power of influencers should be a core part of your marketing mix and how you’re (maybe surprisingly) already engaging in it.

We bring you the best of Branden Content & Influencer marketing through our AI/ML-driven platform "Contezee".

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Introducing Contezee - Content Made Easy. We collaborate with content creators to create & distribute branded video content. Our proprietary tech finds you the most relevant YouTubers & Instagrammers (basis content type, audience demography, performance, pricing & past brand associations), helps manage multiple content projects and provides advanced measurement. Our technology platform analyzes around 950 Million posts every month across 200,000+ influencers to recommend the right ones need to achieve your campaign objectives.

Channels - YouTube / Instagram / OTT 

◦ Creator & upcoming content

◦ Biggest bouquet of upcoming content opportunities

  • Music videos

  • Celeb chat shows

  • Short films

  • Web series

  • Food shows

Why Contezee?

  • AI recommended influencer discovery from India's largest marketplace of influencers (200,000+)

  • Create native content through an ROI driven model (Cost per view)

  • Operations management from storyboarding till publishing of content by our team

Influencer Marketing: Feature
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