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Google Year in Search 2022 - India

The Google "Year in Search - India" Report is out!

Plenty of items to double-click on.

✅ Globally connected, locally focused - The global power of “kpop” continues to spread, with a 20% growth in search interest in India. At the same time, search interest in local guide program saw a growth of over 90%.

Searches around Authentic Food - +40%

Searches around Global Recipe - +11%

✅ Search specificity - As Indians mature more on the platform, there has been a rise in specific search terms. Search interest in "heart shape face hairstyle male" growing by over 330%.

Searches around Perfumes for Women - +40%

✅ Taking care of Themselves - People in India have increased their monthly expenditure on health and fitness by 43%, grooming services by 35%, and beauty and personal care products by 31%.

Searches around Well being - +10%

Searches around Self Care - +8%

✅ Work life Balance - 63% of employees in India are looking for work-life balance, with 52% of females and 42% of males valuing the possibility of working from home.

Searches around Great Resignation - +1030%

Searches around Quiet Quitting - +50%

Searches around Salary Negotiation - +60%

Searches around Upskilling - +30%

Searches around Career Change - +20%

✅ Value Hunting - In times of inflation, people reassessed the cost of things. They not only looked at the sticker price but also what they consider to be of value.

Searches around Best Restaurant - +40%

Searches around Cheap Flights - +60%

Searches around Cheap Restaurants - +50%

Searches around Inflation Rate - +50%

Searches around Fuel Price Rise - +150%

✅ Inflation and sustainability are going hand-in-hand in forming an unexpected alliance - Search interest in organic products is more than doubled in India as compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Searches around Affordable & Clean Energy - +140%

Searches around Things that can be ReCycled - + 20%

Searches around Sustainability - +40%

✅ Travel is back with a bang - with 83% of Indian respondents saying they want to travel as much as possible in the near future.

Searches around Thailand Trip - +90%

Searches around Europe Trip - +50%

Searches around International Trip - +80%

Deep dive into the detailed report for market implications and how can you respond as a brand. Please ignore the bit of product selling Google does in this report. 😀

Download PDF • 31.96MB

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