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Decoding creative performance across digital platforms

A lot of times we are asked by our clients to evaluate creative performance across digital platforms. The traditional metrics of reach and CTR does not do justice to your creative input and the output it generates from the target audience.

We all know about AIDA or “Attention Interest Desire Action”, which basically states that these behaviors. First, you must capture someone’s attention. Then you must get their interest, then trigger their desire before you can get them to complete an action. And it represents a model for evaluating a series of behaviors that you want a customer to take before they make a purchase.

Now, we take this same model and add different metrics that help you decode your creative performance of any campaign.

1) Look at 3-sec views at the top of the funnel. That will tell you is your creative has been able to attract instant attention from your target audience. It will also let us know how much money is being wasted with people who have no interest in your ads.

2) Secondly, in the interest phase look at the av watch time of your creative. How much time each user spends watching your ad and the retention time will give you insight if the ad is working to create interest and which part of the video most consumers are dropping off.

3) Thirdly, in the desire phase look at the CTR....which exactly tells that you have been able to evoke desire about your brand in the consumers' mind.

4) Lastly, look at ROAS (return on ad spend) as the final metric to measure the return from running a creative whether it to drive a purchase or engagement with your brand.

To best way to get insightful data is to run this model on a good sample size of data....say 3 months of campaigns with multiple creatives. Create a weighted baseline of these 4 metrics mentioned above and see which ads have performed well above this baseline. It will be then clear which messaging and communication has worked well with your audience and gives you a springboard to test more variations of the successful ones.

If you would like to know more about this creative performance model reach out to us and we will be happy to run this exercise for you.

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