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Gaming, it’s all about the mums. But are brands listening?

Gamer stereotypes often include images of teenagers in a basement. Bin that image right now. Here come the mums who are taking gaming to the next level.

Gamer mums are content consumption machines, according to the study from Activision Blizzard Media, conducted by research agency Alter Agents. By measuring women aged between 25-54 years old who have at least one child at home under the age of 18, they found that mums view entertainment, including gaming, as an important and positive part of their lives and are primed for brand engagement on social media – despite brands largely not factoring this into their marketing strategies. Over two-thirds (71%) of this consumer group play video games, and the report also provides insight into their behavioral characteristics by questioning how much entertainment they consume; how influential mums are on social; and whether brands are sufficiently interacting with mums in this space, so that brands can understand how to improve engagement with mothers across these markets.

However, brands continue to undervalue mums who play video games; they are often overlooked as consumers, according to a new report surveying mothers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. A significant proportion of the two billion strong global gaming audience is gamer mums. And if women continue to hold up to 80% of family purchasing decisions, are brands understanding the nuances of this critical gaming segment? #growthmarketing #gamingmoms #gaming

Download the report here:

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