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How Tik-Tok ads work? notes for every brand or marketer using this channel.

Tik-Tok is buzzing right now and every brand big or small is looking to use this platform to drive reach and engagement with its audiences. While brands need to be sure what role this channel plays in their overall marketing mix, there is no doubt there is some serious ROI that one can see if they do things right.

Here are a bunch of things that you should consider while building and optimizing your campaign:

1) Tik Tok uses a non-front-facing metric called 'Ad Rank' to determine deliverability. Ad Rank, on Tik Tok, is a measure of (Bid x Conversion Rate x Click-through Rate). Therefore, since Click-Through Rate is so important to deliverability, better creative = cheaper CPMs.

2) Just like Facebook, their 'algorithm' prefers wider audiences, with broad audiences being preferred, and lookalike/interest audiences being acceptable as well. They recommend you stay away from hyper-segmentation in the upper funnel.

3) The system does not current pace correctly with lifetime budgets, so they very well may spend your entire lifetime budget in a single day. For that reason, at least for now, use daily budgets. Again, just like Facebook, they recommend a daily budget large enough to support 50 goal conversions per week. So, set your budget at (50*CPA)/7. They also recommend 3-5 pieces of creative per adset, like Facebook.

4) Creative fatigue is a stronger factor here than other platforms due to how creative is consumed by the end-user. For this reason, it's important to refresh creative often, because creative fatigue = lower CTR = lower Ad Rank = higher CPMs and lower capacity to spend.

5) Questionably, the current iteration of their pixel is only able to track and report metrics on a single session basis, so any attribution beyond one day is currently pointless. They are aiming to get more robust attribution built into the pixel in the near future.

6) We had a peek to a new beta that is (in my opinion) going to revolutionize influencer marketing. The program will allow you to collab with an influencer, getting a CTA button on their video in exchange for rev-share (20%). This is going open up far more possibilities for brands to get involved with larger influencers, more ways for influencers to get engaged with their audiences through their favorite brands and provide us marketers raw metrics to determine the success of collaborations.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about creating growth using channels like Tik-Tok.

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